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Aerial Surveys

At Tarin we take great pride at being a "One Stop Shop" for all of your Aerial Survey needs. Tarin acquires more than 100,000 km2 of Aerial Photography each season and will acquire whatever your project requires, be it digital or film, small scale or large, color, infra-red or black and white.

Black & White 40cm
Color 40cm
Color Infrared 40cm


When an aerial photograph is geometrically corrected for distortions caused by topographic relief, lens distortion and camera tilt, it becomes ortho rectified.

Orthophotos have a uniform scale, providing an accurate representation of the earth’s surface, and can be used to measure true distances.

This makes the imagery easily integrated into a GIS platform as well as other mapping applications.

Tarin has an extensive library of ortho rectified imagery available for immediate delivery via our Spatial Data Store and through our Subscription Services.

Film Camera - 1:10,00
Digital Camera - 10cm

Stereo Photography

All of our Aerial Surveys are flown with a minimum 60% forward and 20% side overlap. This ensures that all of the imagery we collect has full stereo capabilities.

We can supply the raw imagery and Aerial Triangulation results for incorporation into the most commonly used 3D viewing or softcopy photogrammetry environments.

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