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Elevation Data


Elevation data is a collection of points that have an elevation assigned to them, which can be used to visualize a project in 3D. For ease of use the data is often converted to a surface representation frequently referred to as a DEM or DTM, which stands for Digital Elevation or Terrain Model. Simply, it is a representation of the topographical surface of the earth.

Practical applications for DEM include:

  • Contour Generation
  • Terrain Modeling
  • Volume & Cut/Fill calculations
  • Orthophoto Production
  • Water shed analysis

Traditional Elevation Data

DEM with Contours

As part of your Aerial Survey project, elevation data can be collected from the Aerial photography by viewing the data in a photogrammetry environment. Tarin offers DEM as a value added, supplemental product, available from our aerial survey programs and photogrammetric workflows.



High Detailed LiDAR

LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is a non-traditional and cost effective method for obtaining very accurate and highly detailed topographic information. LiDAR data is fully digital and can be processed to provide diverse and highly detailed elevation products for both the bare earth surface and the features that protrude above surface like vegetation and man-made structures. Merging this data with current orthophotography can serve to provide a very accurate and detailed visual representation of the type of land cover within a project area.

Extensive archived LiDAR data is available for most of Alberta and NE British Columbia as well as many other areas. Tarin also facilitates the acquisition of new data every year on a proprietary basis. While much of the data is available for "off the shelf" delivery via our Spatial Data Store and through our Subscription Services, please check the Coverage Map or contact the Order Desk for more information.

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