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Satellite Imagery

Tarin has access to a variety of high resolution satellite imagery, from 5.0 meter RapidEye and 1.5 meter SPOT to 0.6 meter QuickBird and 0.3 meter WorldView and Pleiades. These images are available in Panchromatic, False Color Infra-Red, and Pansharped Color. Tarin can provide archived data or task new acquisition.

The entire Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin is updated annually with new 1.5 meter Color SPOT satellite imagery, which is an invaluable and economical product for many of our clients for large area reconnaissance as well as smaller scale mapping projects. It is available for “off the shelf” delivery via our Order Desk as well as through our Subscription Services.

Pleiades Color 50 cm
RapidEye False Color Infrared 5.0m
SPOT Black & White 2.5 m
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